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News - All - 6 Mar 2009

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6 Mar 2009
KW Poppy Fund donates 3000 Euro's to Holton Cemetery

Christmas Eve - Holten

Every year since 1991 schoolchildren in Holten go to the Canadian War Cemetery on Christmas Eve to place candles on the graves. The ceremony is parallel to the long-established spring ceremony where the children place flowers on the graves.
The candle ceremony was conceived by Mrs. Leena van Dam as a way of expressing the gratitude for living in a free country. She agreed to buy five years' worth of candles from Finland where she was born. The Foundation Welcome Again Veterans agreed to take over sponsoring the ceremony from 1997 on. The local carnavalsclub c.v. De Fienpreuvers is spending a third of the money that is needed for this Event.
About 300 children participate in the ceremony that starts at 4:30 p.m. Canadian and Dutch traditions are mixed as the bagpipe and a typical Dutch Christmashorn are played.
The flames of the candles keep vigil there until midnight and put the cemetery in an impressive yellow light....................

This ceremony was in danger of being dropped because of lack of funds to buy the special candles and donors not willing to assist because of the Economic crisis that hit the world. The KW Poppy Fund came to their rescue and donated $5,250 to buy 2 years of supply of candles to keep the tradition alive which was extremely well received by the Dutch Citizens around the Holten Area and many of our own veterans.


Nicolas van der Meulen

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        News Item 2993 of 3094   

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