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16 Nov 2013

We have concluded another successful Poppy Campaign, and a huge number of "Thank Yous" are certainly in order.
The K-W Poppy Fund wishes to thank the many volunteers who gave of their time and energy to distribute Poppies at numerous stores and businesses throughout Kitchener and Waterloo.
We wish to thank the many businesses who were kind enough to allow our "taggers" at their locations, and the many businesses who permitted us to leave a Poppy Box at their location.
Naturally, we couldn't have a successful campaign without the good citizens of Kitchener and Waterloo, who every year, proudly wear a Poppy, and kindly donate to our cause. Whether you toss some change in a tagger's box, leave a donation in a counter-top box at your local coffee shop or retail outlet, send in a cheque in response to our mailout, or donate online using the website tool, we want you to know that each and every donation is greatly appreciated.
You have once again helped us fulfill our solemn mandate to aid our Veterans, and support the important concept of Remembrance. You can be proud of yourselves, K-W!
Once the final figures are tallied, the results of the 2013 Campaign will be posted on this website, so everyone can see how wonderfully K-W supports its Veterans.


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