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News - All - 14 Nov 2009

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14 Nov 2009
Don't Pick on a vet

Young robbers would be wise to think of entering a different line of work — particularly if they have thoughts of taking money from a poppy drive administered by some of this country’s veterans.

This, surely, is the lesson a robber in his 20s learned this week when he went to the Royal Canadian Legion’s Oakridge branch in Scarborough and demanded thousands of dollars in poppy donations. The robber, armed with a gun, didn’t scare the four veterans who had just finished counting about $10,000 donated to the poppy fund.

The veterans weren’t going to give up all those donations. The robber tried to grab the money, but he failed. The vets then chased him and pinned him but he got away.

Police were a bit leary about suggesting other citizens do what the vets did because they were taking a risk. The veterans, however, undoubtedly felt that they’d taken bigger risks before.


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