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News - All - 29 Sep 2013

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29 Sep 2013

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Lynda Hagedorn's Facebook Page
Please read the below message from our President Chuck, I might add that VAC or The Royal Canadian Legion do not do any soliciting at all. Helping our Veterans comes from the Poppy Campaign. THIS DEFINITELY IS FRAUD and I would suggest you call your local police. Lynda Hagedorn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 13:42:35 -...0400 Subject: Donation fraud I have received two calls from our Legion members indicating they had received a telephone call requesting a donation for Veterans. They were asked to provide their Visa or MasterCard number. I told them that the Legion does not solicit donations in this manner and for them to not give out their credit card numbers. If they have given out their credit card numbers, they should immediately contact Visa or MasterCard as they may need to cancel their card. If you could send out a blanket email in this regard to our members and have them let their friends know about this scam, especially those without email. President, Br 272

Past ZC Lynda Hagedorn/jm

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