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6 Jun 2015
NSD Rededicates PTSD training centre

Marcus Boyle, representing the Boyle Family, and Lead NSD Trainer Cathy Jurchuk, unveil the plaque renaming the Galt PTSD dog training centre.
Credit: jm

On June 6th 2015, at the National Service Dogs Training centre near Galt, a ceremony was held officially naming their PTSD dog training centre as the Rear Admiral Denis Boyle Training Centre. The Retired Rear Admiral passed on in August of 2014, and bequeathed a substantial donation to National Service Dogs, an organisation in which he truly believed.

There was local representation, including well-known local Veteran Harry Watts, John and Kathyryn Damman and others with the CAV Motorcycle Unit, and even the 2nd Vice Commander of the Legion's Eastern USA Division in Florida.

Robbie Sprules, Lord of Wrentnall, and the international spokesman for NSD, was on hand to explain the difference between an NSD bred and trained PTSD Service Dog, and "just any old dog off the street".

The Federal Govenrnment is currently setting national standards for PTSD dogs, and the NSD is one of the organisations proudly setting the bar high.

The K-W Poppy Fund has already chosen the NSD PTSD dog programme to be the recipient of one of our "major donations", at such time as the Legion is satisfied that standards are in place nationally, and grants permission to use Poppy Funds to support this programme.


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        News Item 1565 of 3281   

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