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9 Dec 2015

Once again, the generosity of Kitchener-Waterloo citizens will allow us to act on our mandate of assisting Veterans and promoting Remembrance.

Over $220,000 was collected this year, with over $130,000 of that from the counter-top boxes in stores and other establishments, and from citizens who so generously supported our "taggers".

Also, nearly 2,000 people were kind enough to return their Poppy envelope with a donation. This amounted to almost $70,000.

We wish to thank the many Volunteers from our local Legions and other Veterans' Clubs, and the four local Cadet Squadrons. Most of all, we wish to Thank YOU, the good people of K-W. WIth so many charities to choose from, we do appreciate your choice of the K-W Poppy Fund to receive your hard-earned money.

The complete (To December 7th 2015) income statement is posted under "REPORTS".


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        News Item 1412 of 3281   

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