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News - All - 25 Feb 2016

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25 Feb 2016
Poppy production for 2016 now underway

Remembrance Day may be months away, but an Ottawa company is already hard at work producing poppies, wreaths and other material for the Royal Canadian Legion.

In the TRICO evolution warehouse on Antares Drive, employees staple grass onto wreath and cross forms in one room. In another, a large machine stamps the red petals of the iconic red poppies at an astounding rate.

"To actually just die cut them and punch them out, we start at probably the end of January and we'll run those until approximately June, end of June, pending any production issues or anything like that," said Simone Aubin, the manager of operations at TRICO.

"The machine was custom-made, directly for making the poppies," she said. "It's a believe a 10-up or a 16=up die of the actual red pieces of poppy and then it"s a separate die that actually does the blacks, which is more a punch out. The die for the red actually is raised and forms around it and it's heat-sealed so that it stays in the form of the poppy."

TRICO also makes the white trays the poppies are sold in, as well as pamphlets for the Legion and the little clear plastic pieces that keep your poppy pinned to your lapel.

Tony Rimac, the vice president of corporate affairs and business development with TRICO, said creating these products is a labour of love.

"We're very proud of our men and women in uniform," he said. "We're very proud of the service to our country and the sacrifices that they've made. We're proud to be part of this campaign and what it stands for."

Legions across the country begin ordering new poppies on November 12th, and the Royal Canadian Legion begins working with TRICO soon after to speak about orders.

TRICO will make 22 million poppies and some 40,000 wreaths this year to be distributed across the country.


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